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Curated gift packages

Sweeten your recognition strategy

Year-round celebrations made effortless

You take care of your team. We take care of the gifts. Our turnkey subscription recognition service takes the hassle out of celebrating milestones, ensuring that important moments are acknowledged and celebrated effortlessly throughout the year.

Custom-Curated Products

Specially selected gifts that support small businesses and resonate with your team’s personal preferences, making each gift as distinctive as the person being celebrated.

Handwritten Note

In a digital age, there’s something magical about the warmth conveyed through a handwritten message. Let your team members feel the sincerity behind each recognition moment with a heartfelt note.

Standard or Custom Packaging

Gift sustainably with our eco-friendly packaging options. Choose from our standard annual design or elevate the personal touch with plain packaging, featuring your company’s logo for a uniquely branded experience.

Occasions that matter

Every career is marked by exciting milestones. From beginning at a new company, to work anniversaries, and birthdays – every moment is an opportunity for recognition and connection.

Work Anniversaries

Honour each year that your team members have contributed to the team’s success. Work anniversaries are a testament to commitment, growth, and shared success.

Employee Birthdays

Birthdays are more than just a date on the calendar – they’re a celebration of life, joy, and individuality. Explore our gifting options that ensure your team members’ birthdays are filled with heartfelt recognition.

New Hires

New hires bring fresh energy, perspectives, and excitement to your team. Celebrate the start of their journey at your company with their custom LEGO™ minifig kit and a personalized onboarding gift.

Start with minifigs for your entire team!

Keep the love going — choose a subscription

Brick Only

$30 /employee

Celebrate each year with the company with a work anniversary brick.

What's included?

  • Engraved year brick
  • Handwritten personalized card
  • Optional custom bricks can be ordered at an extra cost (eg. Project Launch, Culture Committee, etc.) that celebrate milestones achieved


$60 /employee

Make your employees’ work anniversary even more special with a curated gift package.

What's included?

  • One annual work anniversary gift per employee.
  • Everything within the Brick Only plan


$180-360 /employee

Go the extra mile! Celebrate your employees’ entire family with special gift packages throughout the year.

What's included?

  • Deluxe work anniversary gift
  • Employee birthday gift (or other occasion)
  • Birthday gift for partner or spouse
  • Gifts for child(ren) and pet(s)
  • Everything within the Brick Only plan

Not only have these gifts boosted employee satisfaction, but they have also significantly impacted our overall productivity. I cannot recommend Chocolate Soup enough.

Laura Augustine Director of HR, VueReal

Building team recognition brick by brick

Bring your team members to life as LEGO™ minifigs and commemorate their significant milestones with tailor-made achievement bricks. Let every accomplishment become a vibrant piece of your workplace narrative!

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