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Foster recognition culture at your workplace

Nurture genuine connections and vibrant workplace culture with personalized employee appreciation gifts.

Why choose Chocolate Soup?

At Chocolate Soup, we believe in recognizing the human behind every employee. Our thoughtfully curated gift boxes and unique LEGO™ based recognition program allow you to show your team members that they are valued and appreciated, not just for their work, but for who they are in their lives outside the office.

Whether it’s cheering for a job well done, marking an important milestone, or fostering a culture of genuine appreciation, consider us your partners in turning recognition into a seamless and joy-filled experience.

At Chocolate Soup we’re transforming recognition, one LEGO™ brick at a time. Cheers to making every milestone, big or small, a moment to remember!

Recognition matters, period.

Employee recognition goes beyond a simple pat on the back; it’s a dynamic force that unleashes the full potential of your team. Watch as the ripples of positivity are felt throughout your entire organization.

82% of employees say it’s important for their organization to see them as a person, not just an employee.

3x Employers with a recognition culture are 3x more likely to have high employee retention.

90% Of employees who feel cared about say they’d suggest their company as an exceptional workplace.

four custom lego kits in packaging top down view of an opened gift package filled with snacks

Building recognition culture, one gift at a time

With Chocolate Soup, recognizing your employees is as easy, fun, and intuitive as assembling LEGO™. Choose from our Starter, Growth, or Celebration plans, add the personal touch of our custom team LEGO™ kit program, and let us take care of the rest - from curating to shipping.

Flexible plans

Custom team LEGO™ kits

Recognition with a personal twist. Bring your team members to life as LEGO™ minifigs, with customized blocks to mark their milestones and celebrate their achievements.

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Curated gift packages

Complement your milestone LEGO™ blocks with our exclusive add-on subscription service, where curated gifts support small businesses and add a dash of excitement to your workplace.

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Chocolate Soup has been essential in helping us grow and maintain our company’s culture as we continue to scale to new heights!

Marc Morin CEO, Auvik Networks

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